Higher Education Act of 1965 and Higher Education Amendments of 1998
20 USC 1011f
By January 31st or July 31st of each year, whichever is sooner depending on the time of the gift, a postsecondary institution must file a disclosure report about ownership or control by, or contracts with or gifts from foreign sources. The institution shall file a disclosure report with the Department of Education for gifts and contracts of $250,000 or more received within a calendar year.

Auxiliary Services
Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 and ISBN Textbook Provision
P.L. 110-315; 20 USC 1015b
Effective July 1, 2010 (to the maximum extent feasible) each school shall disclose the International Standards Book Number (ISBN) and retail price for required and recommended textbooks and supplemental materials for each course listed on the schedule (posted on the web or print course schedule). If no ISBN is available, the institution may provide the textbook's author, title, publisher, and copyright date. If the disclosure is not practical for a certain text, a designation of *to be determined* can be noted. Written course schedules should indicate where on the university web page this information will be posted. HEOA encourages schools to disseminate information regarding book rentals, used textbooks, buy back programs, and alternative delivery programs or other cost saving strategies. Schools shall make available to the college bookstore, upon request, the most accurate information regarding the course schedule for the next academic period and for each course offered, the information described above, the number of students enrolled in such course, and the maximum enrollment for each class.

Internal Revenue Service
941 Reconciliation to Internal Revenue Service (quarterly)
Transmit Federal Tax and FICA Tax to Internal Revenue Service (monthly)

Environmental Health & Occupational Safety
Toxic Substances Control Act
15 USC 2607; 40 CFR 761.180
A written annual document log of the disposition of PCBs and PCB items must be prepared for by each facility by July 1st, covering the previous calendar year (January through December). The written annual report, which summarizes the records and annual document log shall be submitted to the EPA Regional Administrator by July 15th of each year.

Human Resources
Social Security Number Verification Report
26 USC 6721
To avoid penalty for reporting incorrect SSN on W-2 file/forms of $50/bad SSN, transmit data file, electronically, to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Report all employees hired in the quarter ending 06/30/YYYY listing name (as it appears in HR System), SSN, gender and date of birth. After information is queried against SSA's database, mismatches are sent back to Georgia College for resolution.

Job Openings and Labor Turnover (JOLT) Report (monthly)
29 USC 2
A monthly report sent to the Department of Labor providing information concerning the Total Employment for the month; Number of Job Openings on the last business day of the month; Hires and Recalls for the entire month; Quits; Layoffs and Discharges, and other separations.

Current Employment Statistics (CES) Report (monthly)
29 USC 2
A monthly report sent to the Department of Labor providing information concerning Employee Count, Female Employee Count, and coded response to any reason for large changes.

New Hire Report (monthly)
Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) of 1996, 42 USC 653A
Requires employers to report newly hired employees within 20 days of their start date. Reported are SSN, Name, Address, Department, Department Address, FED EIN, State EIN, Hire Rehire Date, and Birthdates for new hires for the month reported.

International Education Center
Annual Report for all J-1 Sponsors for the Exchange Visitor Program
22 CFR 62.15
All J-1 sponsors must submit an annual report generated from SEVIS along with a narrative of the year. Sponsors must submit an annual report to the Department of State. The report must be filed on an academic, calendar, or fiscal year, as stipulated on the program's designation or re-designation letter. The annual reporting cycle is also listed on the Program Information screen. The due dates are: Academic year

  • Academic Year ends: June 30th - report due to the Department of State July 31st
  • Calendar Year ends: December 31st - report due to the Department of State January 31st
  • Fiscal Year ends: September 30th - report due to Department of State October 31st

Institutional Research
The Student Right to Know Act: Information on Completion or Graduation Rates
20 USC 1092; 34 CFR 668.41 and 668.45
The disclosure date is July 1st following 150% of the normal time for completion/graduation from its programs. Completion of the Graduation Rate Survey (GRS) (part of IPEDS reporting done in March-April) meets the reporting requirements of the Student Right to Know.